Biggest winner of The Grammys: Twitter user @GrammyS!/martinamcbride/status/300722435987214339

Celebrities and entertainment reporters are understandably excited about The Grammy awards but in their excitement, some are tweeting “@Grammys” rather than “@TheGRAMMYs.”

@grammys answer: I’m actually a not-so-secret @joshgroban fan. Sweetest guy ever! LOVE HIM See=>

— Pauley Perrette (@PauleyP) February 7, 2013

OK, NOW we’re psyched for @grammys RT @jtimberlake Lights, camera…#JTGrammys

— USA TODAY Life (@USATODAYlife) February 10, 2013

Tweet us during our @grammys post show using #YGrammysLIVE and your comments might make it into the show!

— Yahoo! Music (@YahooMusic) February 10, 2013

Just Announced: New Special of how 2012 @grammys went on following tragic death of Whitney Houston 2/9 9pm #CBS

— CBS Tweet (@CBSTweet) January 31, 2013

Taylor Swift will open the @grammys this Sunday night. She is up for 3 awards including Record of the Year #FoxKatZ1035

— Z103.5 (@Z1035Toronto) February 6, 2013

New Special of how the 2012 @grammys went on following the tragic death of Whitney Houston 9pm #CBS #10TV

— (@10TV) February 10, 2013

Watch our @grammys post show Sunday and use #YGrammysLIVE to join the conversation:

— Yahoo!(@Yahoo) February 10, 2013

The same thing happened in years past:

thank you @grammys for the 2 awards tonight! it’s an honor & couldn’t have done it without you

— Usher Raymond IV (@UsherRaymondIV) February 14, 2011

Backstage @grammys w/ @pauleyp. Luv her!

— Nancy O’Dell (@NancyODell) February 14, 2011

Gosh Adam Levine is so handsome… Yummm @grammys…

— Pia Toscano (@PiaToscano) February 13, 2012

Celebrating live music with the @grammys Foundation tonight. On the red carpet with @bretmichaels.…

— Sharon Osbourne (@MrsSOsbourne) February 10, 2012

Who would you like see at the @grammys ?!!!!! Perform? Present? You tell me….

— LL COOL J (@llcoolj) January 31, 2012

I wanted to see more on #Whitney last night on @grammys. It was just one song! She’s such a legend!Let’s continue to Pray for BobbiKristina

— La Toya Jackson (@latoyajackson) February 13, 2012

Great time last night @grammysDoes any one have footage of me and Stevie last night,

— COMMON (@common) February 13, 2012

There is a @GrammyS account on Twitter. Whoever owns it has tweeted just once, on April 28, 2008:

washing clotjes

— GrammyS (@GrammyS) April 28, 2008

At the time of this writing, she has 1,050 followers. We reckon she’ll top 1,200 by the end of the night. Not bad!

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‘The embargo is a joke’: Kate Spade shares photos from sojourn in Cuba!/BellBelleBella/status/480414712312508416

Not even America’s royal couple, Jay Z and Beyoncé, were able to sneak off to Cuba without making it an international incident and offending freedom-loving people everywhere. So what was the editorial director of Fathom, a partner of designer Kate Spade, doing in Cuba earlier this year? Her postcard-perfect Instagram account tells (part of) the story.

“music is everywhere in habana vieja. so are men with pick-up lines.”

“we’re ending our stroll where the daiquiri blenders whirl non-stop: el floridita, one of hemingway’s favorite bars in old havana. thanks for joining us!!”

“here, a vintage car is the only way to travel.”

No, it really is the only way to travel.!/ClaudiaLately/status/480446725581455360!/survivor214/status/475425407324270593

An excerpt from that blog post:!/JessStandsOut/status/473882543360835584

Editor’s note: This post and the headline have been corrected to state that it was an editorial director of Fathom, a company partnered with Kate Spade, who visited Cuba. It was not Kate Spade herself. Twitchy regrets the error.


‘Do they know how to read?’: Cindy McCain, Twitter users blast Beyoncé, Jay-Z for ‘disgusting’ Cuba trip

‘Die slow’: Stacey Dash attacked after calling out Jay-Z, Beyoncé for funding ‘communist oppressive regime’ with Cuba trip

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ABC News explains the science of twerking; What’s next for #ABCReports?!/pjhoody/status/372409791391727616

All you need to know about the Miley Cyrus/Robin Thicke “duet” at Sunday night’s Video Music Awards can be summed up in the horrified faces of Will Smith’s kids. (Correction: It was Lady Gaga’s performance that prompted that reaction.) Yesterday, the deep thinkers in the media went back and forth over whether the performance itself was racist or if calling the performance racist was racist. Now, two days later, ABC News is at work trying to explain the physiology at work in “twerking.”!/chrysCROCKETT/status/372415201582125058

No, really. “Twerking: A Scientific Explanation,” featured on the health section of ABC News’ website, claims that “only a Ph.D. researcher can explain how the body does what it does to make it happen.” Well? “You take a wide stance with your legs turned out at 10 and 2 so your hips are externally rotated. Then you pulse up and down as you thrust the pelvis bone forward and back.”

Fascinated follows latched on to the #ABCReports hashtag to predict the next scientific breakthrough from the ABC News team.!/Joe_Schmuck/status/372392080162566144!/ashe_phoenix/status/372396160629370881!/ArmedPropaganda/status/372409671417475072!/TheToast2013/status/372431566380625920!/charmful/status/372435881019203584!/JesseVealiii/status/372441410777010176!/mattmay/status/372404205694107649

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with a correction.

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British singer Mika comes out as gay, no one is surprised!/aolmusic/status/233245140154736640

British pop star Mika has finally confirmed that he is gay. The “Grace Kelly” singer came out in an interview with Instinct magazine, saying, “If you ask me am I gay, I say yeah. Are these songs about my relationship with a man? I say yeah. And it’s only through my music that I’ve found the strength to come to terms with my sexuality beyond the context of just my lyrics. This is my real life.”

Meanwhile, no one on Twitter is surprised by the news.

Apparently MIKA has come out as gay. uhm sorry but I don't think anyone was shocked by this news..

— Sherlock Holmes (@jesusdirtbag) August 8, 2012

Shock, mika has announced he is gay. Who would have ever known?

— Sam Roe (@Samroe1) August 8, 2012

Mika is gay? Omg what a shock he's so straight

— Gavin. (@sitonmynannyx) August 8, 2012

Mika comes out gay | Meanwhile, the rest of the world was like, "isn't it obvious?"

— The Elusive Sniffer (@shandya) August 8, 2012

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21 Reasons You Should Honestly Be Wearing A Jumpsuit Right Now

Jump on it.

Hi guys. Can we take a quick sec and talk about jumpsuits?

Because they are the absolute best.

1. First of all, jumpsuits won’t hold you back when you NEED to dance.

Make no mistake: The rhythm is going to get you. And you cannot allow yourself to be held back by the need to adjust your pants or shirt.

2. They allow you to thwart thirsty randos with minimal effort.

Get your hand away from me if you want to keep it.

3. In fact, jumpsuits are the preferred outfits of flawless humans.


Selena approves.

4. They make riding your little motorized scooter thing a breeze.

No pants, no buttcrack, no problem. ~scoot scoot~

5. Jumpsuits make exercising a joy.

Nothing is gonna get in the way of you and your friends workin’ hard on your pecs and your glutes.

6. And jumpsuits can be surprisingly versatile, offering you the look of a Laura Ashley-loving first-grade teacher circa 1997 and the feel of heaven.

Do respect jumpsuits’ ability to multitask.

7. Jumpsuits can look very modern. / Via Ralph Lauren U.S.

Sleek af.

8. Or fabulously retro.


The ’70s were the absolute height of fashion, and I am willing and prepared to fight you if you disagree, because you would be wrong.

9. Jumpsuits can be whimsical.


10. Or totally glam.

I believe in a thing called jumpsuits.

11. You wanna dance on Mars? Betta wear a jumpsuit.

What else would you wear to do that? I am honestly asking you.

12. Honestly, jumpsuits are the only thing that make sense when you want to look like a superstar.

Good enough for the King; good enough for you.

13. Just slip one on and you’ll feel like you’re starring in your own music video.

I can’t stand the rain NOR people who don’t understand jumpsuits.

14. The trick to wearing a jumpsuit is to really, really own it. It’s a sign of strength and confidence.


Every leopard spot on that jumpsuit signifies a person she’s demolished for wearing the same outfit.

15. Jumpsuits are the only outfit that makes sense when you want to look stylish WHILST kicking ass.

Golden Harvest / Concord Production Inc.

Bruce Lee knew this well.

16. Jumpsuits are your way of telling the world, “Yes, I know I look good.”

Gramercy Pictures

Do as the Dude.

17. They look good on dudes.


18. They look good on dudettes.



19. They look stunning on little fighting babies.


20. There is no occasion where a jumpsuit isn’t appropriate.


21. Whatever style you choose, when you’re in a jumpsuit, you’re dressed to impress.

All eyes on you, boo.

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Ha! Sirota changes douchey Twitter avatar in response to #Siroting meme!/davidsirota/status/324515625315758080

Bahahaha! Also, bahahahaha!

Some tough guy! Looks like David Sirota didn’t like the hilarious #Siroting mockery of his douche-tastic avatar after the Twitterverse spotted his “Let’s hope the Boston Marathon bomber is a white American” column. The Sirotae punch avi is no more.


Evidently this one is supposed to be the non-douchey avatar.

David Sirota

.@davidsirota Nope. No change. You still look like a giant douche. @salon

— VindicatorGC ✠ (@VindicatorGC) April 17, 2013

But once again, the race-baiting whiner is wrong. The “primary criticism” of Sirota’s Salon column wasn’t that his avatar was super douchey.

No, we ridiculed it for poor subject, sentence structure, AND doucher photo used by the author.… “LMFAO!” #Siroting

— Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) April 17, 2013

. @davidsirota @salon NO the PRIMARY criticism was your article is inaccurate and racist! The FUN criticism was the photo!

— Doc Thompson (@DocThompsonShow) April 17, 2013

@davidsirota @salon Yes Sirota… keep telling yourself that. It was the photo. Good grief, delusional.

— LibertyCast (@LibertyCast) April 17, 2013

.@davidsirota @salon Nah actually it’s still the ridiculously offensive article. The goofy pic was icing on the cake.…

— Daniel Gilfillan (@OneTonTurtle) April 17, 2013

Bingo! The mockery of Sirota’s avatar was just for fun.

Still LOLing. @dloesch & @chrisloesch won Twitter last nite. Put beclowned ghoul David Sirota in his place==>…

— Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) April 17, 2013

Hey @davidsirora – so you felt compelled to change your avi.WHERE’S YOUR WHITE PRIVILEGE NOW, HUH? #Siroting #caring @dloesch

— Kurt Schlichter (@KurtSchlichter) April 17, 2013

Darn. @davidsirota changed his avi… #FunWhileItLasted

— Rschrim (@Rschrim) April 17, 2013

@davidsirota Oh noes! You changed your avatar? But @salon must have paid $100 to photograph you looking so tough.

— Sam Valley (@SamValley) April 17, 2013

White privilege is changing your avi from your Mac because your last one became an embarrassing meme. @davidsirota @timjacobwise

— WitteTweets (@WitteTweets) April 17, 2013

Awww, the privileged @davidsirota changed his avi due to #Siroting *sad face* Fortunatly, the Internet is forever.

— Jai (@JaiSimon) April 17, 2013

@davidsirota @salon are you sure it wasn’t because you realized you looked like a douche bag

— Matthew H.(@Matthops82) April 17, 2013

@davidsirota @salon The cheesy kung fu pose was fine. My prime critique is more that you are a self-loathing, race-baiting publicity whore.

— Kevin Wagner (@kevinwagner73) April 17, 2013

I think #Siroting has to be changed to crying in a corner about how no one likes you & blocking meany-pants. Can that be a photo?

— Ben Howe (@BenHowe) April 17, 2013

“I’m embarrassed that the Internet made fun of me so I’ll make baseless race claim.” Grow up, middle aged frat boy wannabe. #Siroting

— Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) April 17, 2013

David, you can change your avi, but the Internet remembers:

.@davidsirota‘s starring in a new movie: “Fists of Fussiness.” With music by MC White Privilege. cc: @chrisloesch #caring #SIROTING

— Kurt Schlichter (@KurtSchlichter) April 17, 2013

Next Sirota column: “Moisture is the essence of wetness, and wetness is the essence of beauty, because racism.” #Siroting

— Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) April 17, 2013

Sirota project: Sirota White Privilege Center For Kids Who Can’t Punch Or Write Good & Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too. #Siroting

— Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) April 17, 2013

I think David Sirota took lessons from the Jim Messina school of awkward pictures. #ForAll #Siroting

— Amy Lutz (@amylutz4) April 17, 2013

So the Douche changed his avi, he is still a douche@davidsirota

— Doug Welch (@stix1972) April 17, 2013

New avatar, same ol’ Sirota.

my email box is filled with 2 kinds of emails: White people invoking the n-word, and people of color thanking me for writing the piece.

— David Sirota (@davidsirota) April 17, 2013

Now @davidsirota thinks he’s “down” since “people of color” approve his article.

— Slim Pickens (@Mattie96) April 17, 2013

Here’s an avatar to consider, David:

Just trying to help @davidsirota find a newer & better avatar. #siroting #SirotaAvi…

— Ben Howe (@BenHowe) April 17, 2013

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Mika Brzezinski eager to start national conversation on ‘toxic’ assault sugar!/morningmika/status/311438801576787968

How did “Morning Joe” lapdog Mika Brzezinski get so sweet? It wasn’t by poisoning her body with OMG! sugar!!!1!

Mika: “it’s liquid sugar and sugar is poison.” — I just can’t even.

— Brittany Cohan (@bccohan) March 12, 2013

Brzezinski is just beside herself over the news that a New York judge invalidated Nanny Bloomberg’s “arbitrary, capricious” ban on extra-large drinks laden with deadly assault sugar.

In the truck listening to Mika absolutely lose her shit over the #sodaban.

— Rick Wilson (@TheRickWilson) March 12, 2013

Watching Mika flip over the “poison” of Big Soda is made more pleasant w/ my running music turned up…oh, there’s a ban for that too.

— RunnersWit (@RunnersWit) March 12, 2013

So interesting to watch @morningmika rail against sugary drinks on a set with product placement for Starbucks

— Doug Hanks (@doug_hanks) March 12, 2013

As Bloomberg said, “People are dying every day.”

How about waiting period for large drinks? Background check? RT @bccohan: Mika: it’s liquid sugar and sugar is poison. — I just can’t even

— Rick Sheridan (@RickSheridan) March 12, 2013

So Mika is tapping Twitter’s renowned community of sugar experts to bolster her argument. If a soda ban can save just one child’s life …

experts out there…name some basic foods that unexpectedly are filled with sugar….

— morningmika (@morningmika) March 12, 2013

Hey, Mika, you know what’s toxic? The Nanny State.

@jaycaruso, look closely. @morningmika‘s cape is showing. She’s going to save us. This day has come.

— Sean Agnew (@seanagnew) March 12, 2013

Lack of personal accountability is toxic also. #NoNanny RT @morningmika: Sugar is in so much more than you think and yes it is toxic

— dixie dodd (@dixieldodd) March 12, 2013

@morningmika Personal responsibility in a FREE SOCIETY tastes best. Stop saving me from myself! I will take my chances as a free man. Idiot.

— MP (@TampaMP) March 12, 2013

@morningmika As well intentioned as it was the government has no right to tell us what to eat or drink. We dont all abuse food. BACK OFF

— DODI (@doditrev) March 12, 2013

@morningmika please point to the product we have banned that has actually work, its up to the indiv. to make this choice

— DragonHeart (@lldragonheartll) March 12, 2013

@morningmika It is not the role of govt to play our parents. We are free to take care of/not take care of ourselves.

— Brian Geldmacher (@bgeldmacher) March 12, 2013

Want to learn more about the horrors of free choice and personal responsibility? Mika has just the book to get you started.

This will end up in a much bigger national challenge to junk food and sugary drinks .. My book – Obsessed – explains…

— morningmika (@morningmika) March 12, 2013

Oh, and did she mention she writes books?

I am so proud of this book . Just found the galley.…

— morningmika (@morningmika) March 12, 2013

I’m looking forward to reading the chapter in @morningmika‘s new book titled: “you’re too dumb to make these decisions for yourself”

— Sean Agnew (@seanagnew) March 12, 2013


Here’s video of Mika’s War on Assault Sugar.

*New Video* MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski blasts soda: ‘It’s killing our children. It’s liquid sugar and sugar is poison”

— Charlie Spiering (@charliespiering) March 12, 2013

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John Legend accuses Ferguson police of ‘intentionally’ inflaming ‘situation’ for an ‘excuse’!/johnlegend/status/499769878099034113

Musician John Legend got his conspiratorial cop-bashing on last night. An “excuse” for what? He doesn’t spell it out. But many fans rushed to agree:!/Amarina27/status/499770060458971137!/DorianDB/status/499775111814455297

Not everyone joined in:!/Ochapski/status/499791694691565568!/IBNNNEWS/status/499770320765878272

Legend replied:!/johnlegend/status/499770890423648256

A fan wants to know if Legend will be taking his lane to join the protests in Ferguson:!/illmaticvibes/status/499772663531700224

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Here Are 24 Times That Shadows Turned Out Hilarious, Brilliant, Perverted, Or Even Romantic.

There is always more to life than what’s on the surface. What you may see at first may not be the whole story. Take these photos, for instance. At first, it might seem like a totally normal scene… Then, you will realize what story the shadows are telling. Two entirely different things are happening in these photos. Photography focuses on the relationship between light, darkness, focus and perspective. By changing something small, the stories change. Check them out, see if you can discover what’s going on here.

1.) Strangers or lovers?

2.) Everyone is hiding a monster inside.

3.) Oh noooooo.

4.) Hey, I like your tights.

5.) Looks good on you, man.

6.) RAWR.

7.) Is she doing laundry for 2?

8.) I never saw this shadow coming.

9.) I was going to work out, then I saw this.


11.) Music is everywhere, even when you can’t see it.

12.) Decide what you want to do, bird.

13.) Umm. Oops. :)

14.) This may be the world’s first cat-dog.

15.) Okay…how?!

16.) This mean trash can is reminding you to recycle.

17.) The magic carpet adds to her presentation.

18.) Stop! He’s got a… Gatorade.

19.) What a cute little beast.

20.) It’s not a coincidence that this is a wedding ring.

21.) Looks like they already are.

22.) During the day it’s just a statue…

At night it’s something else.

23.) Vote for WHO?

(H/T Bored Panda) The next time you take a picture, don’t focus on the light or your subject. Look at the shadows… they could be telling an awesome story you were never aware of. Share these awesome photos by clicking the button below.

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Kid Rock introduces Paul Ryan at Michigan fundraiser!/ShepherdCNN/status/239126874834472962

Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello and Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider have both come out swinging against presumptive vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan, but Ryan finally found some musical support tonight in the form of Kid Rock. The Michigan native introduced Ryan at a fundraiser in suburban Bloomfield Hills.

A little more on Kid Rock's appearance this evening at Paul Ryan's Michigan fundraiser:

— Shushannah Walshe (@shushwalshe) August 25, 2012

Ryan pointed to Kid Rock as an American success story.

Ryan on Kid Rock: He took his path to find his happiness & he is realizing his dreams & is paving his way. Only in America can you do this

— Alex Moe (@AlexNBCNews) August 24, 2012

Kid Rock will perform at Liberty Plaza in Tampa, Fla., next week as part of the Republican National Convention.

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