Check Out These Hilarious 27 Summer Fails. OUCH.

Summer begins full of hope and possibility. Maybe you’ll find a new romance, maybe you’ll read all the books you’ve been putting off, or maybe you’ll finally fit into that bikini you’ve had sitting in your dresser for years. Or maybe you won’t do any of those things, but you’ll still be way better off than these poor suckers swimming in a summer full of fail. Grab the big bottle of aloe vera and take a look.

1. This badly burned romance.

2. This guy who raged a little too hard.

3. This apparent fireworks novice.

4. This victim of fireworks hubris.

5. This guy who just wanted to go for a nice jog.

6. This guy who overshot the landing.

7. This guy who goes with the flow.

8. The guy trying to take a nap at a music festival.

9. This guy with neapolitan tan lines.

10. This enemy to birds who got his instant karma.

11. This guy who’s trying to have the best of both worlds.

12. These wheelie bros.

13. Whoever has to use this as their A/C.

Falling asleep outside can definitely be a bad idea.  Click next page below to see why.

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RIP: ‘Alien’ designer H.R. Giger remembered as ‘genius visionary’!/WSJ/status/466172520102916096

He gave life to nightmarish creatures and settings in movies like “Alien” and “Species” as well as disturbing paintings melding human and machine elements. H.R. Giger’s work work is recognized across all creative genres from the visual arts to music and film.

Giger’s museum in Gruyères, Switzerland, reports that the artist has died at age 74 after being injured in a fall. He was remembered today by fans and artists of many disciplines.!/hmvtweets/status/466132770457403392!/Duff_Goldman/status/466152584458170369!/DavidBHayter/status/466133005669376000!/alshadowdancer/status/466130587523493888!/bonniegrrl/status/466186198646394880!/MetroNewsCanada/status/466191073099128832!/DallonWeekes/status/466192473690497024

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Corporate-basher Tom Morello pwned by Grammy corporate ads!/redsteeze/status/300823723303399425

Tom Morello and Chuck D close out the Grammys… and provide soundtrack for Hilton and Delta ads. Chilling.

— Brian ODonnell (@1ambodo) February 11, 2013

We think someone in the Grammy Awards production booth has a fabulous sense of humor. The night ended with a rap/rock extravaganza featuring host LL Cool J, Public Enemy front man Chuck D, drummer Travis Barker, and left-wing Occupy cheerleader Tom Morello.

It’s a rocking finale with LL Cool J, Tom Morello & Chuck D -Laura F #Grammys…

— Yahoo! Music (@YahooMusic) February 11, 2013

But as time ran out, CBS decided to cram in some last-minute corporate ads that cut into Morello and Friends. The irony — or the outrage! — wasn’t lost on viewers.

I’m sure Chuck D and Tom Morello are really glad that their set ended w/ ads for Hilton & Delta. #grammys

— Daniel Goldbeck (@DtheGman) February 11, 2013

Airing corporate sponsors while Public Enemy & Tom Morello r still playing? Back in the day that would result in a cap in someone’s ass.

— Regan M (@RunningRegan) February 11, 2013

I wonder how Tom morello feels having his performance drowned out by the corporate sponsors.

— Mattson Rainer (@mattson_rainer) February 11, 2013

All the corporate sponsorship ads while Tom Morello is playing. #irony #grammys

— Mercedes(@DuskySprngfield) February 11, 2013

Seriously, Chuck D, LLCoolJ, ZTrip, Tom Morello & Travis Barker are bringing the house down, and they to go commercials. That is just wrong.

— Chris Whetlor (@chriswhetlor) February 11, 2013

I’m pretty sure @tmorello‘s head would explode if he knew they were airing commercials over his performance right now.#irony

— Amber Weiss (@ajgweiss) February 11, 2013

Oh, well. At least he got to squeeze in his militant fist salute and Social Justice Guitar Message before the Machine drowned him out.

Tom Morello on the red carpet.…

— Jorge Rivas (@thisisjorge) February 11, 2013

Yes RT @pjmerk24: @cjzero @tmorello #Grammys arm the homeless??…

— CJ Fogler (@cjzero) February 11, 2013

oh good tom morello has a political slogan on his guitar i was afraid he stopped keeping it real #grammys

— Andy Levy (@andylevy) February 11, 2013

@michellemalkin @redsteeze Somebody fooled him into believing his angst was valued and impressive. He’s a joke.

— Susan Wright (@SueNC) February 11, 2013

@michellemalkin @redsteeze Rage Against the Cha-CHING

— Jimmie (@jimmiebjr) February 11, 2013



Snit fit idiot: Rage’s Tom Morello: Ryan is ‘embodiment of machine our music rages against’

Eye on Occupy: Tom Morello fits the movement into a nutshell

Tom Morello wants the 99% to feel good. Really, really good

Tom Morello, others to rage against the Wall Street Machine on May 1

Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello swoons over ‘THE Bernardine Dohrn’ on gun control

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‘Doomed to repeat it’: VH1 pans Katy Perry’s denim VMAs dress [photo]!/VH1/status/503723408023359489

VH1 had some fun with Katy Perry at the MTV Video Music Awards by claiming the singer was “doomed to repeat” the mistakes of the past; in particular, Britney Spears’ denim getup from the 2001 VMAs.!/RealRoadhouse/status/503723799863255041!/ddanro/status/503731329213538305

The only thing more confounding than Katy Perry’s outfit was her denim-clad companion, rapper RiFF RAFF.!/QueenOfSrat/status/503711044205019136!/SkipJack17/status/503708473822302209!/IAmJustinMadden/status/503735328767631360!/sexloveintiMacy/status/503725975197474817!/_jayyduh/status/503708371376418816!/mamalew97/status/503736225401176065!/JustJakeJordan/status/503708539547041792



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Foster the People’s ‘Houdini’ video wins rave reviews!/OneRepublic/status/196314573115105281

Twitchy loves the video, too, as do many other Twitter users:

In honor of #musicmonday, I'd like to nominate Foster The People's "Houdini" as a Best Music Video of the Year nominee:

— MP aka Viola Bash (@monicathecritic) April 30, 2012!/TysonWade/status/197039398959853568!/HaylsAllStar/status/197041523693588482

Foster The People's "Houdini" video is by far THE best & most fascinating music video I've ever seen. ☺👍

— kirsten.. (@Freckleeesssss) April 29, 2012

Foster The People's "Houdini" music video is one of the best music videos that I've seen in a long time.

— Ryan Byrnes (@RyanTheVoyager) April 27, 2012

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Music critic gives Chris Brown’s new album ‘no stars ever’!/NME/status/230285290613379072

Along with unfortunate sales, Chris Brown’s new album, Fortune, continues to get unfortunate reviews.

Chloe Papas, an Australian music critic, gave the album an astonishing “no stars ever” in her review. Papas refers to Fortune as a “catastrophic clusterfuck of an album that shouldn’t appeal to anyone with ears. Or morals.”

Okay, just for y'all who do not believe that review is mine – here is a proper shot of the review. @gawker @theCHIVE

— Chloe Papas (@chloepapas) July 31, 2012

Many supportive words are flooding into Papas’ @mentions…

@chloee24 legendary chris brown review

— Damian Brown (@damianbrown) July 31, 2012

@chloee24 Chris Brown is musical pollution and you are carbon pricing. Roll on! #NoStarsEver

— SER PISTOL (@pistolrock) July 31, 2012

@chloee24 excellent Chris Brown review. Keep up the honest work.

— Shine PR (@ShinePRPhuket) July 31, 2012

Amazing review written by @chloee24 (see earlier tweet) This may just be the best review ever written. NO. STARS. EVER.

— Amanda Eva (@filmvsbook) July 31, 2012

@chloee24 your @chrisbrown album review made my DAY! :') best album review, EVER.

— emily pywell.† (@speechlessemily) July 31, 2012

Anyone loving that hilarious, bold and very accurate Chris Brown album review here is the fab Oz journalist who wrote it: @chloee24

— Natalie Edwards (@NatalieBizarre) July 31, 2012

…but the remaining members of Team Breezy (you know, the few that are OK with their lord and master attacking them for letting his album flop) aren’t pleased:

Hi @chloee24, what do you consider the main differences between Chris Brown beating Rihanna and Lindsey Buckingham beating Carol Ann Harris?

— Yates' Eddo-Lodge (@ichlugebullets) July 31, 2012

@chloee24 chris brown's fortune album is amazing! Maybe if u listened 2 the lyrics n not judged the album because of his past u wud see tht!

— ΛĿĪ ツ (@MusicallyBreezy) July 31, 2012


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I’m not old, today’s music does suck.

Nerd couture: Katy Perry shows off Webster’s dictionary purse at #AMAs!/LauraMaraFusco/status/404766647833362432

Pop star Katy Perry carried the latest in nerd fashion with her to the American Music Awards red carpet: a Webster’s dictionary clutch. She’s on the cutting edge of couture…and she can make sure she’s spelling it right, too.

The purse earned raves, mostly.!/jessicaa_84/status/404762742147784704!/intouchweekly/status/404762597234200576!/Katys_TeddyBear/status/404761363274153984

Wonder what magician David Blaine would pull out of Katy’s clutch this time?!/aisleseat/status/404766938951196672

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Ke$ha wishes upon a shooting star!/keshasuxx/status/187490808969170944

Wished for a schlong!

— kesha (@KeshaRose) April 4, 2012

Pop star Ke$ha: classy as ever.

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Renee Fleming’s Super Bowl National Anthem wins raves [pic, video]!/TheCleopahtra/status/430123803168227328

Soprano Renee Fleming’s version of the National Anthem before the start of the Super Bowl is winning thumbs-up reviews:!/Bazooka_Bob/status/430124681782624256!/MZHemingway/status/430121509281988608!/YahooMusic/status/430119162917048320!/ellencarmichael/status/430119484733808640


It’s been a very thematic Super Bowl so far:!/APgelston/status/430121513598324738



‘Flipping the bird to PETA’: Joe Namath’s fur coat turns heads at the Super Bowl [pic]

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