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My Music Den/Swan Single

the music makers + the dreamers of dreams.

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Lisa Hannigan is part of a steadily growing group of artists, freely creating and sharing their work with each other and everyone. They call it 37d03d, or a collective of people. People turning things upside down. It was born of a wish to establish an independent and nurturing space in which to make work (generally around music) that is collaborative, spontaneous and expressive in nature and where all unnecessary distractions or obstacles that get in the way are removed. 37d03d is for the benefit and development of the artists involved and just as importantly, for those who would like to access and enjoy the output. It is as much about the process of making work and showing all that openly, as the final outcome.

Aaron Dessner recorded an instrumental called “Swan” at Long Pond and sent it to Lisa in Dublin. Lisa sent it to Enda Walsh, who wrote text for it. Lisa wrote melodies and tracked vocals with Ross Turner in Dublin. Jon Low mixed the song back at Long Pond. PEOPLE process. Hoping it goes further.

More about the People Project here.

Artist: Lisa Hannigan
Label: People
Release Date: 9-8-2018
Genre: Pop
People: Aaron Dessner, Enda Walsh, Lisa Hannigan

Available Lyrics


This Man.
And what he wanted was a house
To fill that house with things he loved
To walk a garden that he owned
And lie and sleep upon its grass

And what he wanted was a wife
To be loved returned as he loved her
To fold around their easy talk
And to wake and stay there in her arms

And what he wanted was a child
To fill that house with her own voice
To carry her up into her room
And there she walks within her dreams

Dark greys churn that sky
Rain down on him that little man

Pull tight your coat against the cold
Step by step that dream will come
Step by step that dream will come
Pull tight your coat against the cold

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