Bottoms up! Sen. Rand Paul has finally found a drone he can get behind!/fiveODave/status/365814016678961152

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul is famously opposed to the use of drone strikes, but, well, there’s an exception to every rule. And it seems that Sen. Paul has found his:!/SenRandPaul/status/365810008375566337

Via France 24:

Revellers at a South African outdoor rock festival no longer need to queue to slake their thirst — a flying robot will drop them beer by parachute.

After clients place an order using a smartphone app, a drone zooms 15 metres (50 feet) above the heads of the festival-goers to make the delivery.

In a rare display of bipartisanship, tweeters of all stripes found themselves uniting behind a common cause to #StandWithRand:!/jeffwkline/status/365810864751788032!/NCDadto5/status/365813117546008577!/DavidSeawright/status/365814731551936512!/gracej89/status/365815591874985985!/DavidJadon/status/365816696579170305!/FrienemyFire/status/365817609356193795!/EdSuckey/status/365817945701617664!/vaughanrsmith/status/365819843259281410!/WillRoseliep/status/365824884833648640!/Ozetty/status/365842529519812609

We’ll drink to that.

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