Britney Spears gets a hard lesson about intellectual property rights!/britneyspears/status/379287436523618304

Pop star Britney Spears is upset that someone released a leaked copy of her new single, “Work Bitch.”

Her manager Adam Leber is also irate:!/AdamLeber/status/379295783796756480!/AdamLeber/status/379296108104536064!/AdamLeber/status/379296242087374848

We’re pretty sure Spears and Leber’s concern has nothing to do with the poor quality of the leaked recording. What really worries them, we suspect, is that people who download the leaked copy won’t download the real thing, which of course means less revenue for Team Spears.

Most people in the pop music industry are very liberal, but they certainly do support capitalism when it comes to their own music.

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