This Brewery In Denmark Is Using Something Seriously Gross To Make Their Beer

Festival season is an excuse for music-loving adults to abandon the real world for a few days and let loose.

But cramming so many people into any fairground or festival site is no easy task and things like living arrangements and bathrooms become major concerns for festival organizers. But for one festival in Denmark, organizers have teamed up with a local brewery to ensure that bathroom waste won’t become an issue. (And even if it does, concertgoers will be too drunk to notice.)

Recently, Norrebro Bryghus Brewery collected over 50,000 liters of urine from the annual Roskilde Festival.

Why, you ask? To make their beer, obviously.

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Dubbed the “Pisner,” this beer is created by using human urine to help ferment the barley.

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The company reported that the amount of urine they’ve collected thus far is enough to produce nearly 60,000 bottles of Pisner.

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