Video Feature: #GoodVibes new single from the EP “She Said” by The Highfields

The Highfields are sending out good vibes in 2017 with this quirky, feel-good EP. #GoodVibes single available for download now when you pre-order the album!

Band: The Highfields. One half Nate Highfield, one half Kaelie Highfield

Genre: Electro Pop, Synth Pop

Last year, we featured this dynamic duo under new and noteworthy, and that they are! This year, they come bearing gifts with a sophomore Double EP– with Volume 1 slated for release on June 2nd 2017. The second EP around Summertime.

The new Double EP is called “She Said. He Said” showcasing the duo’s individuality. “She Said” features all of Kaelie Highfields’ vocals with Nate as supporting back up to the tracks. “He Said” will highlight Nate’s vocal styling.

The carrier single #GoodVibes is available for download now when you pre-order the EP. “Good Vibes” has that familiarity when you hear it and for us is a good thing! It is pleasing to the ears and will put you under good vibes for sure! The new sound suits the band really well, strengthening their cool vibe and style.









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