Political and celebrity ghouls gin up outrage over NRA press conference


As Twitchy reported, NRA chief Wayne LaPierre’s press conference this morning had the media in fits of pearl-clutching and blind rage. But they weren’t the only ones. Political figures also got themselves worked up:

Fear monger. Shame on you!

— CouncilmanJimKenney (@JimFKenney) December 21, 2012

And that was mild compared to the Philly councilman’s NRA freak-out before the presser.

@jimfkenney Cause we can be just nuts @ guns. The NRA are domestic terrorists. Stay on those evil creeps! Lets stop them!

— CouncilmanJimKenney (@JimFKenney) December 21, 2012

Domestic terrorists? Really?

Michael Steele on @msnbc calls NRA response a “missed opportunity to create a conversation at a higher level.”

— Kenneth P. Vogel (@kenvogel) December 21, 2012

The @nra press conference was appalling. My full statement: 1.usa.gov/Uif0Yv

— Jim Moran (@Jim_Moran) December 21, 2012

The NRA presser was “appalling,” but beating up women is “embarrassing”? Nice priorities there, Congressman.

I am shocked by #NRA Wayne La Pierre’s careless, arrogant remarks on #SandyHook tragedy.Guns have no place in our schools, period.

— Judy Chu (@RepJudyChu) December 21, 2012

The @nra blames the disturbing trend of #violence in our country on not having enough #guns. The memory of #Newtown deserves better

— Rep. Mike Honda (@RepMikeHonda) December 21, 2012

.@nra’s position: More #guns, esp. in schools. Outlaw rap music, hurricanes & Mortal Kombat. #Newtown deserves thoughtful reform, not farce.

— Rep. Mike Honda (@RepMikeHonda) December 21, 2012

Hoyer responds to NRA: “I do not believe those remarks represent anywhere near a significant portion of America.”

— Rebecca Berg (@rebeccagberg) December 21, 2012

. @elijahecummings: “I think the #NRA had an opportunity to set up to the plate. They didn’t.” on #mitchellreports

— Andrea Mitchell (@mitchellreports) December 21, 2012

LaPierre’s rant was truly astonishing.At a moment that demanded reflection, he sprayed rhetorical shots around the room.

— David Axelrod (@davidaxelrod) December 21, 2012

Lautenberg calls LaPierre speech and call to action “beyond belief.”

— Domenico Montanaro (@DomenicoNBC) December 21, 2012

The NRA showed no remorse…. Only offers more gun as a solution. gun + guns = less violence in the NRA’s eyes

— Rev Jesse Jackson Sr (@RevJJackson) December 21, 2012

Nanny Bloomberg even found time to say a few words:

.@mikebloomberg: The @nra‘s press conference was a shameful evasion of the crisis facing our country.

— NYC Mayor’s Office (@NYCMayorsOffice) December 21, 2012

Instead of solutions to a problem they have helped create, @nra offered a paranoid, dystopian vision of a more dangerous and violent America

— NYC Mayor’s Office (@NYCMayorsOffice) December 21, 2012

The @nra blamed everyone but themselves. While they promote armed guards, they oppose the most common sense steps we can take to save lives.

— NYC Mayor’s Office (@NYCMayorsOffice) December 21, 2012

And we all know how he values common sense when it comes to public safety.

Not to be ignored, celebri-ghouls couldn’t resist having a bite at the outrage apple:

Stop violence by putting more guns in schools?? Give me a break! I should have stayed in bed and missed that nonsense!

— Clay Aiken (@clayaiken) December 21, 2012

The #NRA ‘s answer to guns in school? MORE GUNS!!! #oldwhiteguylogic

— Jenny Mollen (@jennyandteets) December 21, 2012


Its not the end of world for us but 4NRA. The world is now witness 2 how ridiculousthey r& we have been 4 empowering them. No more.

— Nancy Lee Grahn (@NancyLeeGrahn) December 21, 2012

The NRA disgraced itself this morning with a self-serving press event in which they demonized the mediaand the… fb.me/1sm4SpypT

— Anne Rice (@AnneRiceAuthor) December 21, 2012

The #NRA‘s main objective is to maximize profit for the gun manufacturers.

— Chad Lowe (@ichadlowe) December 21, 2012

How about attaching a second gun to the gun you already have? And then a knife onto the second gun, with a gun on that knife? #iamsmart

— Patton Oswalt (@pattonoswalt) December 21, 2012

Oh cool, George Zimmerman is going to be protecting my kids in school.

— Michael Ian Black (@michaelianblack) December 21, 2012

The @nra needs mental health care.

— Kristen Bell(@IMKristenBell) December 21, 2012

NRA:If we banned schools there would never be another school shooting.

— Seth Meyers (@sethmeyers21) December 21, 2012

the Wayne LaPierre has smallest dick in world i see him i beat the fuck out of him break his neck and put gun up his ass make him eat shit

— The Iron Sheik (@the_ironsheik) December 21, 2012

the Wayne LaPierre worse than the Gangnam style. i see him i break his neck make him choke on dog shit till he get rape by dead dogs

— The Iron Sheik (@the_ironsheik) December 21, 2012

NRA and the jabroni Wayne LaPierre both deserve to get fucked by dead dogs till the shit bullet out of their own ass they have raisin balls

— The Iron Sheik (@the_ironsheik) December 21, 2012

Welcome to the national conversation.



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