Little Girl Who Lost Her Limbs To Meningitis Smiles Again Thanks To A Special Doll

Harmonie-Rose Allen lost her arms and legs just 10 days after learning to walk. Now, she’s smiling again, thanks to finding a friend just like her.

The two-year-old was recently gifted a very special American Girl doll named Rebecca. What makes Rebecca so special is that the doll looks just like the toddler. They’re both missing their arms and legs.

When Harmonie was just 11-months-old, she was ravaged by meningitis. The infection caused her body to shut down and she couldn’t breathe. After developing a terrible rash, and with only a 10 percent chance of survival, doctors performed a quadruple amputation on the toddler. Despite her disabilities, Harmonie is learning to play music and draw.

Today, she’s all smiles, thanks to becoming a new proud doll mom.

Brave Harmonie can teach us all a lesson. She is so full of joy and despite her disabilities, she has the will and determination to overcome them, wanting to live a happy and full life.

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