Meet Hip Hop Artist Blow Flyy

Blow Flyy strays away from traditional mainstream fodder by using more creative language in his lyrics and keeping it clean so he can reach all ages without barrier or restrictions.

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Artist: Blow Flyy

Location: Toronto, Canada

Genre: Hip Hop

Bio: Born Anthony Grant, “Blow Flyy” is a songwriter and Canadian Hip-Hop/ Rap artist who Performs out of Toronto. Originally from Halifax/Dartmouth Nova Scotia, BLOW FLYY is a poet foremost, and this shows in his lyrics and the style in which he writes. He is a rapper for a new age, refraining from vulgarities and rapping about what’s in his heart. With a unique style in performance he delivers a new sound and flow to hip-hop through his to the point lyrics and nostalgic rhythms.

His songs are clean, simple, and catchy. Because of this and his obvious talent, it stands to reason that this is an artist worth betting on.

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Blow Flyy

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