Lyric Video Feature: “Papa” from the album Gallery Show by Renee Zawawi

Renee Zawawi’s music is described as up scale sophisticated new sound; European style neo-disco with a tinge of the Middle Eastern flavor spiced up by a touch of American Pop Rock.

 Renee Zawawi

Artist: Renee Zawawi

Genre: Pop

Bio: Renee Zawawi, the New York Uptown Girl who was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is a petite American Beauty Queen. She has big brown “puppy dog” eyes and a smile that can light up any room. She is not just pretty; she is also smart, as evidenced by the brainy quotes that she is so quick to throw out, as well as the amazing music that she is able to produce.

Even though she was born in the USA, Renee has managed to leave an international mark. This is because she grew up traveling around the world. Renee is a very unique and accomplished performing artist, having earned dual visual and performing arts college degrees.

Also check out American Girl from the same album:

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 Renee Zawawi

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