Introducing: Out Loud! Debut Album “Anything is Possible” Available Now!

“Anything Is Possible” –the debut album, is filled with driving rhythms, catchy hooks and lyrics that inspire.

Out Loud!

Artist: Out Loud!

Location: Orange County, CA

Genre: Indie Rock

Bio: Orange County based OUT LOUD! is feel good music at its best. Formed just in December 2015, the band recently released its debut album entitled “Anything is Possible.” Indeed, the album is about life and it’s endless possibilities. At a time when people are growing more skeptical and jaded, this album offers inspiration and a positive outlook on the future.

The carrier single of the same title as the album, “Anything is Possible” is a band favorite specifically because it reminds us that the human spirit can’t be broken.

Out Loud! should appeal to fans of American Authors, Imagine Dragons, Giants of Industry, The Royal Concept, and Young Rising Sons– all of which are the band’s musical influences along with Keane, Bastille, The 1975 and the Strokes.

Front-man multi-instrumentalist and producer Keith Sorrels is a 20 year old artist with so much to offer. He writes his own songs, plays drums, guitar, piano, bass, viola, and sings. He is a classically trained pianist and violinist. He is also a producer/engineer working out of his own home music studio in Tustin, CA. His father, formerly a touring a musician, played a huge role in how Keith found his passion and hunger for music. At age 2, he got his hands on his first kit, and at age 3 his dad started teaching him piano. In addition to his passion for music, Keith is passionate about space phenomenon and space exploration, as well as his love for people, which has helped shape his larger than life, yet simple and intimate style of writing and production.

The debut album “Anything Is Possible” is filled with driving rhythms, catchy hooks and lyrics that inspire. An upcoming EP will echo the same sentiment and conviction. The world is in need of music like Out Loud’s. Keep’em coming! Get the album on iTunes today!

Get to Know: Official site | Facebook | Bandcamp | Instagram

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