Rapper Chief Keef not covered by David Gregory exemption

As Twitchy reported Tuesday, teen rapper Chief Keef was taken into custody on a parole violation after officials saw a video of him brandishing a firearm at a gun range. The rapper was on probation for pointing a gun at police officers in 2011, but it looks like the David Gregory rule doesn’t apply to Chief Keef, who was sentenced to 60 days in juvenile detention — much to the amusement of these folks.

so chief keef cries to try to get out of 60 days, and admits that most of what he says in hes songs is bull..and thats the rapper y’all like

— Ahmad Jerr (@AhmadJerr) January 19, 2013

Chief Keef really cried in court for getting 60 days in a JUVENILE center I can’t take brah music serious no more

— MIKE KLEFF (@KOOLAIDKLEFF) January 18, 2013

Chief Keef locked up for 60 days! Good. He deserves it. Pointing a gun at police officers and making fun of the death of a rival rapper.

— That Weird Kid ™ (@mellowwithganja) January 18, 2013

Chief Keef gets 60 days in jail and cried, he really aint about that life

— ♕ (@DeltaQuote) January 18, 2013

Y’all talking about Chief Keef crying over 60 days.. Bruh I was in a holding cell for 13 hours planning escape routes

— Yung Lamb Chop (@ImJontez) January 19, 2013

“They said Chief Keef teared up and told the judge “I’m a very good hearted person….give me a chance”

— Seven-Teen 17™ (@_ThatGuyTYDA) January 19, 2013

So much for the power of the #FreeChiefKeef hashtag, whether it trends or not. OK, so there’s a little sympathy out there for the teen dad.

People hate on Chief Keef for crying in court. Let me be real – any loving father forced away from his girl might shed a tear.

— Jimmy P. (@jimmyp302) January 18, 2013

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2013/01/18/rapper-chief-keef-not-covered-by-david-gregory-exemption-sentenced-to-juvenile-detention-over-gun-video/

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