Misogynist bracelets, rape jokes, and more: 10 tweets on sexism at #SXSW


Color us non-shocked. Despite the dominance of libs and progressives, the South by Southwest technology/media/music confab in Austin, Texas, is not the Kumbaya lovefest it’s cracked up to be. Accusations of sexism have plagued the conference in the past. This year is no different. Can you imagine if the above-photographed wristbands were photographed at CPAC instead of #SXSW?

Here’s just a small taste of the complaints of objectification, marginalization, and misogyny against women at the event floating on Twitter.


Makes the “binders full of women” kerfuffle look even more kerfuffle-y-ish, no?


@huffpostwomen I’m keeping a blog on overt (and benevolent) sexism at #sxsw sxsw2013diw.tumblr.com would love others to submit what they see

— Alexis Finch (@agentFin) March 8, 2013

@twitter from last night I am assuming you have no female developers img.ly/tjbY #SXSW #Sexist #Serious

— AimeeMaree Forsstrom (@aimee_maree) March 10, 2013

I feel it’s a bit sexist that 3M didn’t come up with a computer-generated booth hunk.Thought you guys were above that. #sxsw

— Amelia Mango (@ameliamango) March 9, 2013

.@rebeccawatson is now being trolled for daring to say reddit is sexist, thus proving her point about its shitty culture #redditsweb #SXSW

— Narim (@getnari) March 9, 2013

More on that Reddit/sexism panel eruption here.

Last year I got angry. This year I’m doing something about it. If you see #WOMEN being used as schwag at #SXSW holler sxsw2013diw.tumblr.com/post/445666245…

— Alexis Finch (@agentFin) March 4, 2013

A security guy just said “I’ll bet this is the only pussy you guys have ever seen, huh?” while we lined up to meet Grumpy Cat. #sexist #sxsw

— Hipster (@Die_Hipster) March 8, 2013

RT @webbmedia: #Sxsw booth babe count: 4. On International Women’s Day no less. >:-(

— Jim Roberts (@nycjim) March 8, 2013

#JimCarrey just said Austin is like a woman and he wants to take advantage of her. #rapeculture #misogyny #notcool #SXSW

— Andy E (@AndyyyyE) March 9, 2013

Crickets. Chirping.



Oh, hey, has anyone notice how white #SXSW is?


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