Preview ‘Celestial Mechanics’ Debut EP by AVA

Scheduled for release in stores in Summer 2016, ‘Celestial Mechanics’ as a digital download was released in August this year.

Celestial Mechanics

Artist: AVA

Genre: Alternative. Electronic.

Influences: Radiohead. Bjork. Portishead. Massive Attack. Daft Punk. Air

Location: Brooklyn, New York

Bio: Kenji Anorve aka AVA is a music producer based in NYC. His debut EP will hit the stores in June 1, 2016. The demos caught the attention of the studio legend John Siket (Sonic Youth, Blonde Redhead) who mixed the tracks creating unique atmospheres.

Recorded, Arranged and Produced in NYC by: Kenji Añorve.
Mixed by: John Siket
Mastered by: Fred Kevorkian
Artwork by: Copete Cohete

Deluxe version available exclusively online includes: 180G COLORED VINYL RECORD + CELESTIAL MECHANICS COMIC BOOK : YOUR LOVE IS LIKE. Get it here.

Get to Know: Official site | Facebook | Instagram | Bandcamp | Youtube


Celestial Mechanics


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