NYT public editor troubled by lack of diversity in the newsroom

Twitchy has already reported on the unbearable whiteness of yesterday’s climate march and today’s #FloodWallStreet sit-in — to the degree that someone was overheard asking, “Are there any people who are not white who want to hold the banner with us?”

The climate protesters aren’t the only ones having trouble finding people of color. Today, New York Times public editor Margaret Sullivan noted that of the paper’s 20 culture critics, none are black and only one is a person of color.

The Washington Post’s Wesley Lowery decided to call out the Times for its lack of diversity.

The New York Times has 20 "culture critics." Not one is black and only 1 is a person of color. http://t.co/8R1A9Rs0rR pic.twitter.com/7FpnGM4lcC

— Wesley Lowery (@WesleyLowery) September 22, 2014

Requires remarkable arrogance for outlet to think it can cover music, movies, art & culture authoritatively without having any black critics

— Wesley Lowery (@WesleyLowery) September 22, 2014

@WesleyLowery That is really quite remarkable.

— Colleen Mondor (@chasingray) September 22, 2014

@WesleyLowery what's your prescribed ratio?

— Robert Mariani (@robert_mariani) September 22, 2014

@robert_mariani i'm not prescribing a ratio.

— Wesley Lowery (@WesleyLowery) September 22, 2014

@WesleyLowery Just more?

— Robert Mariani (@robert_mariani) September 22, 2014

@robert_mariani more than zero? Certainly

— Wesley Lowery (@WesleyLowery) September 22, 2014

@WesleyLowery The "Seinfeld Syndrome" – oblivious to their actual surroundings. #WhiteOut

— Chef Taz (@cantdance2it) September 22, 2014

@WesleyLowery quit putting stock in the liberal elites. They don't give a shit about people of color or working class people.

— Donna Bright (@Dbright21) September 22, 2014

@WesleyLowery @dalatudalatu institutionalized racism?

— GHOƧTA (@mikeeghost) September 22, 2014

@WesleyLowery Hmm..kinda like @poltico.

— KMom (@lailasmom) September 22, 2014

@lailasmom @Poltico lol

— Wesley Lowery (@WesleyLowery) September 22, 2014

Hmm. It's almost as if not having a staff that reflects diversity of the nation and topics you cover has an adverse effect on coverage…

— Wesley Lowery (@WesleyLowery) September 22, 2014

@WesleyLowery @sirosenbaum When you have no black critics, what you're saying is, "Black people's opinions don't count."

— Meryn Fluker (@merynfluker) September 22, 2014

@merynfluker @WesleyLowery BOOM

— S.I. Rosenbaum (@sirosenbaum) September 22, 2014

@WesleyLowery Ivory Tower indeed.

— Stephanie Lucianovic (@grubreport) September 22, 2014

@WesleyLowery The purveyors of identity politics, war-on-women, racist GOP, culture wars etc. are, well..hypocrites. Who knew? @kristenhare

— Max (@MHB2012) September 22, 2014

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WaPo, Politico reporters in Twitter fight: ‘Black people don’t work for Politico’


Read more: http://twitchy.com/2014/09/22/the-seinfeld-syndrome-nyt-public-editor-troubled-by-lack-of-diversity-in-the-newsroom/

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