Meet Picaso Swag: Bringing unique creativity and personality in the Hip-Hop Scene

Picaso Swag is something else. He’s a performer, one that fuses different hip-hop styles into one with a bang, combining different elements. Stating that he is a crazy compromise between a great rapper and a great videographer simply does not do him justice. He’s more than that – there is more than meets the eye and ear.

Artist: Picaso Swag

Genre: Hip Hop, Rap

Location: Chicago

Bio: The most important aspect of Picaso Swag’s music is the fact that it mixes the best of the best styles out there in the hip-hop scene. He searches for the borders of hip-hop – and sometimes crosses them. Picaso Swag’s background is the street – and it shows. His fun and creative music style seamlessly combines into a style that can be characterized best as foul-mouthed, taboo, imaginative and hardcore. Which way you lean within the hip-hop scene, you’re sure to be blown away from the start when you start listening to Picaso Swag’s daring creations. Critics across the scene are beginning to notice.

Picaso Swag’ music is more than just hip-hop. The performers music breathes lifestyle: it is his way of expressing the opposing practices of living in a mundane reality. He deals with that by making his music as elusive as possible, while still keeping it tasteful. You almost feel the fun and mindset that Picaso Swag must have felt while whipping up his beats and rhymes. That makes that his music does not just have a good vibe – but also is as raw as life itself. And with a lot of people just struggling with life, society and mundane reality itself – this is exactly the music that could add value to the hip-hop scene.

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