Deadmau5 has revelation, allows Twitter to revel in his awesomeness

I don’t know what you’ve accomplished so far on your Monday, but Deadmau5 is busy having a revelation and sharing it with Twitter. Beat that.

He’s been performing in front of massive crowds in Europe, so it took a while for the famous DJ, aka Joel Zimmerman, to process his moment of clarity. Once he did, he was quick to share some of the details. Behold the Instagram greatness:

A little snippet of my revelation…

— deadmau5 (@deadmau5) July 2, 2012

Of course! It’s all so simple. Just let the fans explain.

@deadmau5 I think we see. It's basically a new way for the performer to interface w/the decks thru wi-fi and t/s. Very cool.

— Rokhead Music (@RoknSpock) July 2, 2012

So you know how most DJs mix between two decks? @deadmau5 just decided he's going to mix between two production studios. Live.

— Kaptain (@IAmKaptain) July 2, 2012

@deadmau5 congrats on whatever it is.

— Jesse Preston (@JessePrestonX) July 2, 2012

We’re with Jesse on this one.

Still not sure what his brilliant idea is?

@HaoNow_BrownCow thats the plan.

— deadmau5 (@deadmau5) July 2, 2012

Oh! Now we get it. He’s going to perform his songs live. On a stage. In front of an audience. If other musicians catch on to this, it’ll be huge. HUGE.

Don’t worry, D, we’ll keep it to ourselves.

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