Oprah, JLo, and fellow libs gush and sob over Barbra Streisand at the Oscars

EVERYBODY SHHHH!!! I’m about to sob!!#Barbra #thequeen #myidol #oscars

— Jennifer Lopez (@JLo) February 25, 2013

Shhhh! OMG OMG OMG! Liberal activist/songstress Barbra Streisand took the stage at the Academy Awards tonight to honor the late composer Marvin Hamlisch, and she had Hollywood in full swoon.

@oprah she is amazing & still looks like she did years ago

— Malika Garrett (@MalikaGhosh) February 25, 2013

@oprah She truly is magnificent! A legend! I sobbed during Memories! #Oscars

— Prasanna Ranganathan (@PRanganathan) February 25, 2013

Watch Barbra Streisand’s #Oscars performance HERE: perez.ly/15IA3YC

— Perez Hilton (@PerezHilton) February 25, 2013

Excuse me, but my emotions were NOT prepared for that performance from Barbra.Was not.Actual sobbing.#Oscars2013

— Ryan Haddad (@RyanJHaddad) February 25, 2013

Do you all realize that Barbara Streisand is 70?? That woman is amazing.

— Tara Quick (@TigerAngel2) February 25, 2013

“The Way We Were” by Barbara Streisand gets a standing ovation. #oscars2013

— Esquire Magazine (@Esquiremag) February 25, 2013

Bárbara Streisand is 70 and she’s wearing sequin see-thru. Yes, u go girl! Oh and by the way, not lip synching.

— Ana Navarro (@ananavarro) February 25, 2013

Outwardly sobbing because BARBRA

— Tiffany (@TiffanyThatcher) February 25, 2013

Barbra Streisand performing my favorite song “The Way We Where”was just absolutely incredible! She is simply divine! twitter.com/Ericvosburg/st…

— Eric Vosburg (@Ericvosburg) February 25, 2013

I’m currently sobbing. Thank you, Barbra.

— Megan Hennessy (@hennessy_megan) February 25, 2013

She had viewers on the other side of the aisle sobbing for entirely different reasons.

Turn off your TV’s, here comes another Hollywood Liberal — Barbra Streisand!

— Matthew Mollinedo (@Matt_Mollinedo) February 25, 2013

Streisand has no voice left. She needs to take her liberal self out of the limelight and hang up her ego.

— Kathy (@lsbkkb) February 25, 2013

can someone play the Jaws music on Streisand so this stupid liberal can shut up?

— Republic of Anthony(@BissieSmalls) February 25, 2013

That was a moment. #Streisand

— Monica Crowley (@MonicaCrowley) February 25, 2013

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