Help wanted: Deadmau5 seeking level 60 wizards!/joshdonta/status/218401591215132673

Deadmau5 hopped on his Twitter today to ask for a little help in the ways of wizardry:

any level60 wizards out there wanna help me farm some decent shit in inferno? my equip BLOWS and i refuse to AH. 🙁 battletag plz?

— deadmau5 (@deadmau5) June 28, 2012

For those who are immediately lost in the ways of nerd-speak, the popular DJ is talking about the game Diablo 3, and it seems he is in need of some high-powered help. With level 60 nearly the apex of character growth, he is asking for support from the best of the best.

He received plenty of offers from willing soldiers:

@deadmau5 lvl 60 Witch Doctor Battletag is BUDtheWISER

— Gaston (@ChefDeBaene) June 28, 2012

@deadmau5 Joel I'm your wizard bro 🙂 let's arcane this inferno bitch up

— Marcus (@x9dw77) June 28, 2012

@deadmau5 I'm a level 60 monk… I could help you out haha

— Mark Grimes (@grimer1994) June 28, 2012

However, not everyone was ready for this most dire task:

@deadmau5 I would help out, but my gear sucks too – I can't even survive Wortham on inferno 🙁

— Cody Knapp (@KrafDinner) June 28, 2012

@deadmau5 I assume you are on the US server, else I could have boosted you with my DH which sadly is on the EU svr :/

— Tony Gottstein (@GoTTi1337) June 28, 2012

@deadmau5 I'm a level 80 troll bro

— Dayan (@DayanRuiz_) June 28, 2012

@deadmau5 If only I was lvl 60 🙁

— Lord_HoboJo (@Lord_HoboJo) June 28, 2012

@deadmau5 I may not have a lvl21 60 wizard… Or any lvl 60 but I'm always open to getting new friends if that'd be cool?

— Jack Woodcock (@Techsnologic) June 28, 2012

If you’ve been looking to get in with a famous musician, now’s your chance. Of course, if you haven’t started playing Diablo 3, it’s going to take a few days of non-stop playing. But after all that hard work, send the man a message, and maybe your dream will come true!

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