Meet Rock Duo, Sprightly Moans

If you kidnapped Jimi Hendrix, Lightning Bolt, The White Stripes, and The Bad Plus, locked them all in a large room and no band escaped alive (because let’s be honest, each band is nothing short of incredible), the ensuing chaos, the battle royale, would be Sprightly Moans.

Artist: Sprightly Moans

Genre: Rock / Avant Garde

Sounds Like: Lightning Bolt, Jimi Hendrix, The White Stripes, The Bad Plus

Location: Austin, TX

Bio: Sprightly Moans’ music is a loud and direct rock and roll that rests uncomfortably above a volcanic litima, not unlike the undercurrent one detects throughout Charles Mingus’ excellent catalog. Although Sprightly Moans presents itself through a veneer of typographic stillness and birth-of-the-cool fashion, it nurtures a spark of nihilism that we all yearn for in a rock and roll band; It’s music that’s ready to throw down, give it all up, and burn everything in sight.

Get to Know: Official site | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Demos I

Demos II

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