New Music Spotlight: Cathy Heller – “Imagine Nation” EP

The play on words on the EP title “Imagine Nation” is quite clever. The music and lyrics are oozing with bubbliness and positivity that it will make anyone smile. You’ll be humming to the tracks in no time… Play. Repeat. Share.

Cathy Heller, paves a new way in the singer/songwriter genre with a genuine, girl-next-door, quirky flavor all her own. Her newest EP, “Imagine Nation,” was produced by the very talented, Bill Lefler, (also known for his work with Ingrid Michaelson, Tyrone Wells, Laura Jansen and Cary Brothers). All the songs were co-written with her dear friend, Kyler England. Cathy writes beautiful melodies with lyrics that are straight from the heart.

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Influenced by Carole King, Cathy, always dreamed of one day writing music for TV and Film soundtracks and ads. She’s been blessed to see that dream realized. With songs written for NBC, Kodak, Disney, ABC, American Airlines, etc. In the last few months she’s had songs featured on One Tree Hill, Switched at Birth, Body of Proof and will soon be the poster girl for the new Hanes brand, Barely There. Cathy’s new EP came out April 20, in memory of her grandfather, who was also an entertainer and passed away on that day two months before she was born. “He loved to have fun and writing music is the most fun thing I know to do, so I do this in part for him”, says Cathy.

NEW MUSIC JUST IN: “We’re Good Together” | “Let Your Colors Shine” Streaming on Viinyl

1. Breaking Free
2. Imagine Nation
3. Fly Away Home
4. Mr. Sun
5. Love and Be Loved
6. Joyride

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