Special Spotlight on Jenni Alpert: New CD Review, “Underneath the Surface” delicate music and poetry emerge

Stumbling upon Jenni Alpert’s music is like bumping into an old friend you haven’t seen in years and you are left in wonderment…

In a convoluted world of pop music where commercialism and hype seem to have become the norm, it is such a reassuring welcome to come across independent singer songwriters who remain raw and earthy, breaking free of the mold.

Stumbling upon Jenni Alpert’s music is like bumping into an old friend you haven’t seen in years and you are left in wonderment of what a great friendship you have been missing in your life all this time! After spending some time reconnecting, you want to hang on to that special bond for a bit longer.

Listening to Jenni’s music brings you to different levels of emotions. Each listen gives extra layers of meaning. You can take it for what it is, a beautiful poetry blended in melodic tunes or you can dig deeper, discovering your own emotions in the songs.

Her latest EP entitled “Underneath the Surface” due for release October 12th combines the soul, pop, acoustic sound you long to have playing on repeat in your mp3 player. What a welcoming follow-up to the extraordinary 2008 album, “No Second Guesses!”

The first track “Heaven” sets the tone to this elegant, yet edgy 9-track cd; “heaven is a place I’m running from, don’t know what’s real don’t think I’ll heal, don’t want to be good for you…” Jenni’s voice shines in this song.

You’ll be singing along the catchy “I’ll be Gone” by the second listen! That and you could go remind someone to “make me wanna be in your arms, show me that to love you means now and forever… or the sun’ll come up and I’ll be gone… so please tell me the truth.” Sounds like a gentle ultimatum wrapped in an infectious tune. So listen up!

Very sweet lyrics to “Sweet Talk” will make you want to sing the song to your beloved without being mushy! (Or may we suggest, just leave the singing to Jenni?! Gift the album to a loved one!)

Jenni shows her playful side by including a cute song called “Stupid.” Perhaps not as brazen as Kate Nash’ “D**ckhead” but gets the message across just the same! The music and lyrics are kinda addictive. 🙂

You will come back” is brave and affirming with very pleasing melody. Love, love the musical arrangement on this piece!

Underneath” could very well be the best track on this album. The first listen just brought me in this very nice place somewhere in my past. Nostalgic and free flowing, the song is light, the mood relaxing. Simple yet truly, truly affecting. Can’t stop listening to it!

Love is Enough” is sultry and passionate with a jazzy feel to it. “love is enough to hold us up, I’ll give you some of that good, good love…” How can you resist that?!

The last two songs “Now you Know” and “Face the Beast” have poignant, rich lyrics. “Now you know” talks about regrets, learning things the hard way but perhaps somewhere in there you can believe again. “Face the beast” almost sound country with a story to tell. It has sad lyrics but you’d find balance in the uplifting melody, leaves one hopeful in the end…

“The original title of the song was Ritalin and eventually became Face the Beast to reflect the more general part of the message which is becoming aware of a major challenge and deciding to do something about it,” explains Jenni about the song.

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It is a rarity these days to hear music that creates a connection between the artist and the listener. Jenni’s music captivates.

To borrow the great English philosopher Francis Bacon’s famous lines: “Some books are to be tasted; others swallowed; some few to be chewed and digested.

Some music can only be tried once, a few gets a listen but does little to the soul. In this case, Jenni Alpert’s music not only demands some ‘tasting’ but deserves some great amount of chewing and digesting. Her music leaves an imprint in one’s spirit and creates a lasting impression. Underneath the surface, delicate music and poetry emerge. There is no hurry, sit back, enjoy the music.

Must-have Jenni Alpert CD: “No Second Guesses” Contains 13-tracks

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Jenni Alpert, “You will come back

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More on Jenni Alpert:

Los Angeles pop singer songwriter Jenni Alpert is a powerful sultry voice who’s honest rich songwriting and soothing musical melodies grab listeners in every corner. Since graduating UCLA, she has independently toured the US and internationally in over 14 countries, performing with regularity in the UK (England, Ireland, Scotland), France, The Netherlands, Italy, and Australia with great steam. She has supported Loudon Wainwright III, Kaki King, and has shared stages with Regina Spektor, and Sara Bareilles among other familiar voices.

Jenni’s songs have been featured in the ABC TV series Castle (All We Need is Love), NBC TV series Lipstick Jungle (Simple Mood), MTV’s The Real World (With One Breath), CBS TV series CSI Miami (Breakin Down), and in CBS’s TV series The Messengers (Fade Away). Recently her music was featured in the film “Chasing the Green” (awarded the Directors Choice Gold Award at the Park City Film Festival Jan 09) directed by Russ Emanuel; starring Jeremy London, Ryan Hurst, and Heather McComb features (All We Need is Love and ‘With One Breath’) and her song All We Need is love was awarded song of the Year by the Independent Music Awards.

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